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Project failure normally is a result of attention and focus on the human elements of an initiative – rather than as a result of ineffective strategy or flawed technology. CK2 Consulting president and founder Kacie Linegar has dedicated her career to deliver people-focused solutions. Rather than promoting a single methodology or approach, we partner with you to identify the best practices, techniques, and tools to successfully meet your business objectives.

Our services have delivered proven results for Fortune 500 companies, oil and gas leaders, major capital international projects, multicultural and virtual teams, and US Government partners. This experience provides us with diverse perspectives, tools, and practices appropriate for your challenge. We are ready to partner with you to solve your unique challenges.

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Every business needs a vision and a mission. But success is not built on that alone. A strategic plan is key to aligning your goals with your mission. CK2 Consulting LLC has successfully supported global clients with planning – and meeting – their strategic objectives.


From identifying the right project sponsors to supporting end users with learning a new system, we have the background, tools, and approach to enable your business to successfully ride the waves of change.


Many people focus on team building but ignore the other key components to enable team effectiveness. From strategic goal setting and leadership offsites to productivity and collaboration techniques, we can help your team break through barriers and align around a common vision.


No matter how comprehensive the change management approach, a project will not be successful if it is not effectively managed. From people management to deliverable presentation, we have hands on experience in every phase of a project lifecycle. Our organized yet personable approach effectively ensures milestones are met within established timelines and budgets.

IT System

IT system implementations, upgrades, and enhancements are often necessary to maintain a competitive advantage. Yet the people impact of these changes to an organization is often forgotten. We never forget, and we will equip you with the tools to help your employees and your business adapt to your evolving IT landscape.


What is the key to transforming a good team to a great team? Leadership. By applying behavioral science to leadership needs through strategic planning and coaching, we can show your leaders how to optimize their behaviors to deliver real business results.


We understand the importance of knowing, managing, and supporting key stakeholders for every engagement. Let us show you how.


It’s all about the right message while using the right vehicle to reach the right people at the right time. We get it, and we do it well.

About Us

Founder and President, Kacie Linegar, has spent her career supporting large-scale and diverse clients with business transformation initiatives. From partnering with mega consulting firms to serving as an independent advisor, Kacie is adept at adapting to each unique client and project. In addition to committing her days to delivering client goals, Kacie also is the mother to three daughters, is married to the love of her life, is active in the community, and is an avid competitive equestrian. Through it all, Kacie still manages to get 7+ hours of sleep a night, proving that effective and streamlined techniques can increase efficiency and drive success.


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